Banner Display - Choose the Best Custom Trade Show Display System

Does your trade show equipment need to be scalable? 
Will you need larger trade show displays in the future or ones that are smaller for venues with limited space? Whether you decide on a popup display or a banner stand or two, make sure to get a display system that you can easily modify. Even a simple trade show pop-up should have some expansion options.

What kind of graphics will you need? 
Some trade show equipment vendors produce trade show booth graphics in-house. Check out their banner display. If the vendor does not produce graphics themselves, they should be able to recommend a good printer that they work with often. The graphics representatives should readily help you choose designs and colors to catch the eye and complement your product.

What kind of budget do you have for your exhibit booth? 
What is the highest-quality custom display you can get for your money?  A reputable vendor will not try to up-sell your purchase past your limit. Compare quality as well as price. You don't want to have to purchase a new portable display after every couple of shows.

How will you transport your display equipment and all the other items that you will need for the conference? 
Decide if you will be loading it up in your personal car or if you have a big companycar to use  at your disposal. Think about whether you will be doing all the work yourself or if someone will be there to help you load and unload the display equipment. Your answers will help determine how big the display equipment must be, for example, or how much trade show flooring you should have.

Does the prospective vendor exhibit good customer support even before the sale? 
Establish a relationship with the display company. Call them or visit in person if you can. Discuss your needs openly and have them point out not only the advantages of their trade show booths but also the disadvantages. Notice whether they try to talk you out of a lower-priced pop-up display in favor of another, more expensive type when you cannot justify the need for one.

What kind of guarantee does display equipment have? 
If there is a defect covered by the guarantee, will I have to ship the equipment to the manufacturer or can I take it to the vendor? In a perfect world, your portable display should last for many years. However, if there should be a problem, know in advance how easy it would be to get it fixed and sorted out.

Have you shopped around enough? 
Don't purchase from the first vendor you contact without speaking to at least two or three more. Do your research until you are comfortable with your choice of convention display and vendor. Also, a good vendor will match a lower price from a competitor, so don't hesitate to ask if you find the same display at another outlet.