Are you looking for display equipment to increase the visibility of your products/ brand in the retail environment.  C4 Display offers a wide range of retail display equipment to cater for your individual business requirements.

Our Range of Display Equipment

Do not lose out on sales to more visible competitors because you don’t make use of professional display equipment!

Call us on 011 705 3199 to discuss your individual product / brand requirements.

Shelf Defender
Merchandising Strip with PI label
Slimline shelf clamp with front facing display frame
Lollipop Stands | Indoor & Outdoor Lollipop Stands
Slimline shelf clamp with side facing A5 Frame
Category Dividers
Roll clip with bracket for ABS shopper stopper
Unifix clips with roll 25mm and 75mm
Double Sided Menu Stand
Slimline shelf clamp with bracket
Category Blades
Large Shelf clamp
Light Box Headers
Roller Banners | Pull Up Banners
Category Frame
X Banners
Digital Touch Screen
Shelve Trays
Eco Shelf Lighting
Black Write and Wipe Price Card
Bulldog Clamp with Pricing Strip
Butterfly Base with CC20
Lighting Shelf High Lights
Front Under Tray Stand
Light Boxes
Pricing Strips
Universal Clear Behind Under Tray
In - Store Tv Screens
Aluminium Banner Stand
Gravity Bin
Scoop Bin
Cat Rail System
Bottle Holders
Star Track
Display Stand with perspex base
Ted Clip - Glass
Master Clip - Flat
Roller Gravity Unit
Brochure Holder display stands
Entry form box clear perspex with key
Product Dividers & Pushers