Eco Shelf Lighting


Shed some light on your brand, and increase your sales.

Create a clear segmentation that helps consumers choose your brand over your competitor. Highlight exclusive offers and make your merchandise visible and profitable within a category.

Drive additional traffic and increase your sales.

“Studies show that using light on shelf will increase your sales on average with 19%” ** (DDI USA/Nelsen 2009)

Eco shelf lighting makes your Product Presentation Visible and Profitable.

Why Invest in light?

Highlight exclusive offers, Drive additional traffic, Improve consumer experience, Increase time spent in store ....Increase Sales

A simple and profitable Lighting solution

Eco shelf light creates a competitive advantage by gaining customers attention and reducing your operating costs.

High Brightness & High Efficiency Shelf edge or down lighting Shelf edge light combined with product illumination ensures that products will be highly visible and attractive.

Minimised Operating Costs Long life, low consumption lamps, reduces your energy bill, No tool and no electrician needed – our solution is easy to install and reduces your operating costs.

Complete Plug & Play Solution We have a variety of lamps and shelf edge profiles which are installed quickly and safely with a low volt Power Track system.  Our system works with metal, glass and wood shelving.

A unique flexible in-store infrastructure for low volt power supply The power is transmitted in a thin plastic rail with integrated wires, easily taped on gondolas which requires no tools and no electrician.

No special tools or labour required for assembly and installation

Eco Light emits a minimum of heat and no UV radiation

An ideal solution for food, cosmetics, pharmacy products, chocolate or other UV and heat sensitive products

Suitable for: Health & Beauty;  Alcohol, Wine and Spirits; Chocolate and Confectionery; Freezers & Coolers; Housewares; Newspapers; Convenience Stores; Pharmacies; Tobacco; Electronics


Custom made to clients requirements.

Code: CatM012