Consumer Psychology and Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is studying the complicated human being and how they think. Marketers spend allot of time and effort into investigating customer behaviour.

Consumers make most of their decisions on their emotional state and far less of a logical state. This is why branding is so important. If you can appeal to a consumers emotional needs. It becomes very attractive for them. A consumer will seek items that benefit and reflect them on an emotional level.

A customer will buy a very expensive watch for example, not because of the price but they buy it because others cannot afford it. They receive a sense of goodness. Other people will admire them. This is emotional needs.

After a consumer receives a favourable emotional bond with a product, the logical side kicks in. A consumer will automatically grow wary about this emotional feeling and cannot decide on a purchase because of this feeling, so they will search for proper facts that will help them with their needs.

Exactly why marketers must give easily accessible information to consumers after hitting the emotional spot, the consumer will discover their own justifications for the purchase and feel more better that logic has a say in their final decision of purchase.

Human thought processes are stronger when relating to social interaction with other people. Therefore, marketing messages that are relatable to the target audience like using names, real situations or even quotes, will be more effective.

Consumers enjoy finding new products all the time, and get a thrill from curiosity and ownership. This is because they look for products that appeal to them on an emotional level, and therefore, a level of satisfaction is achieved when a purchase is made.

A successful product should add to this feeling of ecstasy, and not sour the experience through inconvenience.

Marketing efforts need to focus more on assisting and providing the right information, rather than forcing and pushing people into a buy. A good marketing campaign aims to reassure the target market, not fear them.

Human’s constantly manifest emotional needs like riches, self-satisfaction, self-worth, love, etc. because they are always naturally dissatisfied with their current state.  Products that get in touch with their emotional target audience and appeal to these cravings will attract their attention.

Making the consumer feel at peace with a purchase, people appreciate samples and a chance to examine the product, risk free, before purchasing. Some consumers will avoid online shopping for specific items that they wish to see or feel, their need for convenience is less than their need to be in contact with the physical product. 

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