Creative Merchandise Display - Can Increase your Sales

Why is Price Cut Not Such a Good Option to always go for?

When asked for a strategy to draw more customers and increase sales, most inexperienced marketers would suggest price cut. This is due to the general perception in retail that people buy when prices are low and people will find another alternative when the price is high.

Although it is true that discounting does result in increased sales for a short period, it cannot be used as a long term technique or a competitive advantage. 30-40% of people would buy on price only. However, the large majority of people buy on value and convenience.

Good visual merchandise display on the other hand, gives a better perception that the products on your display shelves are good. Furthermore, with a proper visual merchandise display strategy and attractive product display stands, you can easily attract customer’s attention and persuade them to buy the product.

The Key to Implementing a Value-Driven Visual Merchandising Strategy:

The key to implementing a value-driven strategy requires the use of creative design, packaging and visual merchandise display. Arrange merchandise in such a way that they appear more valuable than they actually are.

Placing products in certain packaging could enhance the product, making it appear more valuable to the consumer.

Prior to resorting to discounting schemes, retailers must first endeavour to utilise the concept of a value-driven strategy. It is advisable to first take advantage of the potential of the product display stands or display booth to attract customers and lure them into buying the product rather than cutting the prices of the item. It is imperative that the display of the product reveals it quality and cost. Creative merchandise displays create the impression that the products are of great value and quality.

Steps to Implement a Value-Driven Strategy Without Price Cuts:

  • Know your target customer. 
  • Arrange your retail store decorations to suit your target market.
    Display items that are unique and expensive in a manner that brings out their uniqueness. 
    Carry as many brands as you can to boost your sales revenue. 
  • Do not group together expensive and inexpensive products. 
  • Place the product near eye level rather than waist or wrist level as it would be perceived as having higher value.
  • Use proper and attractive product packaging. The Products packaging can enhance the value of the product in the eyes of the customer. 
  • Customers need to perceive that a product is valuable simply by the way it is displayed. First impression counts for a lot even in retail.

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