Retail Consumer Psychology

Did you know that in-store displays, product packaging, signage and more all play into shoppers purchasing decision? C 4 Display knows this and invests all their efforts into creating goods that will catch consumers eyes.

How can retailers use psychology to promote a specific product?

One way to increase this is to increase the products accessibility. End-aisle displays increase sales by 30 percent even if you do not change the products price. The products are just much more visible to the shoppers. Shoppers seem to walk slowly through the first two aisles in a shop, but then they start moving quicker or skip aisles altogether.  Then you should pair the products you are trying to sell they complement each other. For example, if it chips on display, put it next to chip dips. Shops often use displays for two items next to each other and this really works nicely.

Not every product looks great but they are still very good products. Put then enough nice looking products next to the not so nice looking products to provide contrast and create a hello for the not so nice looking things. This can increase sales of both primary and secondary products that you are trying to sell.

If it is a health food store, shoppers will assume every product will be healthy. So it won't work to say that this product is healthier. One way to do this is to compare products flavours to something tasty that a shopper doesn’t eat because they are very healthy.  You could say something like ‘’this is your feta cheese like approach to a perfect salad.’’ That will give it a much more WOW factor.

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