Retail Psychology and the Power of Colours

Have you ever wondered about what people are thinking when they are walking through your store? Imagine you could control their thoughts and force them to make purchases they had not planned when they left the house?

Thankfully, after many years of research has been done to increase retailer's knowledge on what is happening in consumer's heads as they are shopping.

The most obvious design change you can make is adding or changing the colour layout of your retail store.

Here’s how colours can influence perception and behaviour in consumers:


This gives people a sense of urgency, which makes it the perfect colour when you are running a clearance sale for example. The colour red encourages people to act and to do it quickly, which is also why a lot of fast food restaurants use the colour red in their stores.


Blue evokes trust and security, which is why most banks incorporate it in their logo and marketing. It also encourages calmness and can be used to soothe customers.


Just Like the colour blue, green also has a calming and soothing effect, so you can use it when you want to reassure customers and encourage trust.


Yellow can arouse the appetite, which is probably why a lot of fast food chains use it in their stores. The colour yellow also evokes energy and is used to grab customer attention.


The colour black is pure Class, sophistication, and sleekness are the most common things associated with black, which is why it is frequently used when marketing luxury products.

Before making any dramatic retail, store changes be sure to further research the impact these colours might have on your target market first. Remember that different cultures and genders interpret colours and experiences all differently.

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