Some Tips to keep in mind when purchasing a Display Case

The desire to show off one’s most valuable possessions has been a trait found in man since centuries. Display cases own their origin to this tendency that later on became one of the main marketing factors for retail shops. Where and how a product is displayed determines its value.

Display cases can be used for many reasons. Besides for their common use in retail shops they can also be found in private collections at homes, museums and exhibitions. They come in different sizes and shapes to match the product that they will be displaying.

Whether you are setting up a display case at home or in a shop. Here are a few tips to help you in displaying your items effectively:

1.       Make sure that the display case matches the items being displayed.

2.       If you are putting valuable goods in the Display cases make sure that they are not easily breakable in case of an accident.

3.       Place the Display case in a visible spot for people to see. Keep the Display case were people would notice it first.

4.       Make sure that the display case is lit up properly. Bright lights can enhance the items displayed.

5.       Group similar items together in the display case. If there are items of different sizes, put the smaller items in front of the bigger ones.

6.       Do not clutter the display case with too many items. Keep the items within some distance of the other items so that each item is seen properly.

7.       Make sure to keep your display case clean and wipe down all items. Cleanliness is of high priority when it comes to displaying items.


The way you display items in your store makes a big difference. It can make or break your business. Are you looking for Display Cases? Make sure you get the right one the first time around! Call us on 011 705 3199 to speak to one of our Display case specialists today.