The effects of Display Stands in a Business

We are currently living in a time where consumers are flooded with brand messages on just about every platform available. This creates fierce competition for their attention and as a result spending.

It is no longer enough just to have your products available in a wide range of stores, you have to grab their attention and position your brand in the best possible light in the eyes of consumers.

According to research by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) about 60% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, meaning that by effectively displaying your product or brand, you can tap into a much bigger chunk of this market.

As display stand specialists, we share the benefits of display stands below:

  • Display stands are more affordable as when compared to other forms of advertising like radio or television.
  • Display stands are durable, meaning that it can last for years and drive sales of your product or brand for the full extent of their lifetime.
  • Display stands are quick and easy to set-up.
  • Display stands positions your product/ brand at the point of purchase, thus tapping into the 60% of consumers that makes their buying decisions at the point of purchase.
  • Display stands do not occupy much space, meaning that is easy to store in case of seasonal products or brands.

Do not let sales of your product/ brand slip to competitors in the highly competitive retail environment.

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