The most effective merchandise display strategies

A very good merchandise display strategy will increase the customer’s desire for the product on display. It is also very important that the need of the customer is the number one focus in the display strategy.

Every profitable retail store has a well organised product display, a very tidy and clean store, and professional and friendly staff members.

A good visual display strategy can result in an increased customer flow which can translate to more sales.

An effective display strategy is to ensure that he merchandise is prominently located on the shop floor to get potential customers to buy. The grouping of products is also very important. When products are grouped together, they make the overall buying process easier for the customer.

The most effective visual merchandise displays are the ones that group products together according to the colour, size, class and price. When products get displayed individually, effort can be made to enhance impact through the innovative use of lightning.

A good merchandise display strategy

When deciding on display space it is important to always remember to take into account the target market.

Make sure the displays are neat and well organised.

Do not over do the display stand, make sure it conveys a clear message about your brand.

Make a contextual display by having similar products together. This makes buying decisions much easier for the consumer.

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