The Shopping Habits of South Africans

South African consumers are always big bargain hunters, according to a recent study of Shopper Trends.

Among the major grocery buyers interviewed, 32% were men and 68% woman. While 36% of the influencers were women and 64% men.


When it came to sensitivity to promotions, 36% of shoppers said they rarely went to different stores for promotions. However, they did say they actively searched for promotions while shopping. With 22% saying they often changed brands due to promotions.

It appears that we are more price conscious than ever within our stores of choice. We also frequently look for promotions across media platforms. Likewise, we are more aware of price fluctuations for items we buy often.

Price Awareness

Considering how tight economic conditions are nowadays, it is very understandable that consumers are becoming increasingly price conscious without a doubt.

In terms of price fluctuations, 48% of consumers said they were aware of how much items cost and always noticed prices increases. Moreover, 88% of shoppers feel food prices are rising in South Africa. While 11% believe that food prices are stable and 1% feel they are decreasing.

 Reaction to Rising Prices

With regard to consumer reaction to increasing food prices, 54% of consumers said they only buy the basics now and have cut back on comforts. While 36% said they buy items in bulk to save. With 30% saying they buy less overall and buy cheaper brands.

Furthermore, 29% said they purchase discounted products and 8% said they are unaffected by increasing prices, and are living comfortably. 81% of consumers plan their purchases before a shop.

 Planning & Budgeting

When it comes to planning and budgeting, 81% of consumers said they plan their purchases before a shop, while 76% regularly buy items they find on sale while shopping.

With regard to brands, 73% said they purchase named brands as they trust them and know them. While 7% purchase items routinely and have set shopping habits. Among shoppers, 71% said they stick to a strict household budget, only buying the basics and essentials.

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