Visual Merchandising Display Techniques

Visual merchandising is very important if it is done effectively. You are able to maximise your sales. It helps you develop a unique business identity and brand, making you stand out from your competition.

When designing and implementing a visual merchandising plan, it is very important to have a look at a few things. Firstly, who is your target customer? What is your targeted customer looking for? By defining your targeted customer and identifying all their likes, you can tailor your merchandising techniques to fit exactly their taste.

Many visual merchandising experts follow and preach the “Rule of three”. Three is a good number when creating displays. It catches the consumer’s attention and it helps cement the product display in the customers mind.

Therefore, when you are arranging your products, it is ideal to have sets of three. Having three products side by side rather than just having one product. If grouping by height, have short, medium and tall displays. If by width, fat, fatter and fattest. If you want to capture the attention of very price conscious customers then arrange items in order from good, better and the best value to the customer.  This allows the customer to spot the items that have the best value to them quickly and this resulting into a quick purchase.

Key products should be highlighted with clear price points on bigger signs, which will draw the customer’s attention. If you have, a value orientated customer, you will want to advertise the items with the best value or deal so that the customer will walk towards the display and all the other products should have all small price tags next to them or be priced individually with price stickers on.

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