Ways Retail store colours can influence shoppers

The colours surrounding customers while they are shopping can have a big influence whether they make the purchase or not. Colours in a retail store can create different emotions for the customer without them even being aware of it.

Here are some tips on how colours can affect the shopping experience for your customers:

Tell a story with colour

Rather just going for a colour because it is a colour you like, it is advisable to start with a theme and then choose colours that will represent that concept. Just an example but you could capture the essence of the beach with colours reminiscent of sand, water and the sunshine. That will take customers in your store to an environment that they associate the seas with relaxation and enjoyment and that will make them want to stay in your shop longer and it will make them want to return.

Comfort and calm your customers

Warm colours like oranges and browns are a very inviting and reassuring colours to shoppers, while colours like greens and blues have a calming effect on customers. Orange is a colour known to be a happy colour and happy customers are more likely to stay longer in your store.

Alert your customers to certain products in your store

Colours like red and yellow grab customer’s attention in a store. That is because the colour yellow is the colour fist perceived by the retina. And the colour red has always been associated with stopping, either on a traffic signal, emergency vehicle or on a store design. Red will certainly bring customers to a stop at products displayed on a display stand that includes the colour red or yellow.

But don’t overuse these colours as red can also agitate your customers. So just use these colours bold and spring does not go too overboard.

Build Brand Recognition

Studies show that colours can increase brand recognition by 80 percent, finding a way to put your-your logo colours into your retail design will help customers associate those colours with your company.

For example, what colour comes to mind when you think of the shopping store Game that you find at most shopping centres? Pink is what comes to mind, this is the effect that colours can have on your business.

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