Why are all Sale Signs Red? The science of colour in Retail

The colour scheme that you choose to decorate your retail store with can severely impact your sales and influence whether customers will purchase from your store.

The psychology of colour and the ways that we humans interact with and react to our environment in accordance to colour is a science that has been tested out for many years.

This Blog post will give you and understanding on how colour impacts consumer purchase decisions:

What Does Colour matter?

When a customer first walks into your retail store, they make a subconscious judgement about your retail environment and products within about 90 seconds on the first initial viewing of your store. The first impression based on colour alone is roughly 62% to 90% according to researchers. Some more interesting facts are that studies suggest that 52% of customers will not return to your store if they do not like the authentic.

It is interesting to see that Colour could influence spending habits to such a degree, but it is a critical variable that influences us on both conscious and a subconscious level.

For example, the colour blue emotes feelings for trust and dependability these colours can often be seen in logos of financial institutions and those types of businesses.

Another example is the colour pink, this colour is known to have a calming effect on the perceived. According to studies when a person sees the colour pink, it slows people’s endocrine systems and relaxes tense muscles. Pink can be associated with a relief feeling.

Why are all sale signs red? According to many years of research, they found that the colour red makes people react faster and more forcefully because the phenomena being that the colour red enhances physical reactions as it is programmed into our psyche as a cue for danger. Retailers use this to grab customer’s attention.

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